Footsteps in the Sand

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hole in One!

"One advantage of bowling over golf is that you never lose a bowling ball." Ernie "Coach" Pantusso on Cheers
To catch you up, so far we have worked briefly on our approach, near mastered our free pendulum swing, have a good idea of what to do with our follow through and now are learning the ways of the lane. After our awesome "High Five Highway" instant activity we moved to our rug bowling lanes, that Maples Lane Bowling Center was kind enough to let us borrow. The students learned the purpose of each different marking on the lane, as well as the job rotation and proper technique to holding the bowling ball. With this knowledge they will move into practicing their bowling swing for next class, which will lead to 5 frame games where the students will practice scoring their own games without a machine. Grades 2-4 have really picked up our rotation quickly and have been making great strides from their swing to a 4 step approach. Rotations follow this order: Bowler moves to Bumper 1 moves to Bumper 2 moves to Pin Setter 1 moves to Pin Setter 2 moves to Ball Retriever who moves to the back of the line. The Bumpers keep the ball on the lane, the Pin Setters set the pins for the next bowler or frame, the Ball Retriever brings the ball back, holding it in 2 hands to the first person in line. More exciting pictures to come!

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