Footsteps in the Sand

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Instant Positive Movement = Instant Positive Change!

Today I went in with a new and needed approach: stern, but kind. My students need to know that I care about them and their ideas, but respect is paramount during Physical Education. Instead of coming in, shaking hands and me talking about our objectives to start the day, I want to start each lesson with instant movement. This new approach was brought on by restlessness in the beginning of class, some great college lectures and a refreshing and reflective talk with my brother. Alas, it worked! We used an adapted idea from PE guru Ben K called "High Five High Way", which is depicted above. As the students walk in they are assigned a partner to stand with or behind on a polyspot. A cone track has already been set out and their job is to run around this track, high five their partner and then stand, rest and wait on their polyspot, then repeat. They love it! Additionally, you can give them certain amounts of laps to do, set times, or different locomotor movements. Overall a great activity to get them moving and a great new start to our class. More on our new bowling lesson coming soon!

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