Footsteps in the Sand

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aim, Swing and Bowl

This week we continue our bowling unit! After working on our free pendulum swing, we focused on accuracy with our "long distance" follow through. We warmed up with Go Food Wow Food Tag and moved to the next progression of 4 Square Bowling. Instead of 1 pin, we now attempted to knock over 3. The name "4 square" just eludes to the 4 tiles between their line cone and the pins. Several students have been astute enough already to suggest the idea of using the floor tiles as a means of guidance to aim with when attempting to knock down the pins. This will be our second full week of bowling. Our kindergarteners have been really successful with the rotation of the activity from line to bowler to helper back to the line. Our first graders have so much energy, I need to continually keep them moving and aim to add more fitness aspects to their bowling lesson. Our second graders are definitely ready for the holed bowling ball, as their movement with the gopher balls has hit its peak. Our 3rd and 4th graders are really looking forward to their Bowling Center Field trip later this month and will learn scoring and alley play next week! More to come on this exciting adventure! Always with passion and purpose :-)

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